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Mt. Fuji from lake yamanaka side

Welcome to our page !

About 1 hour drive to Mount Fuji and Hakone !

In most of the power spots in Japan , why not stay ?

Our guest house is a country house located in Yamanakako.


It features a garden, terrace and free WiFi and wired internet.
Guests can soak in the private hot spring bath.


At our house you will find barbecue facilities. It available at a surcharge.

The property offers a fridge and a microwave at the lobby as well as free parking.


An array of activities can be enjoyed in the surroundings, including cycling and hiking.
If you feel like visiting the surroundings, check out Lake Yamanaka (1 km far away)

Lot Size


Credit Card

OK except long holidays

Total Rooms


8 rooms

ethernet in all rooms, Wi-Fi



25 people

Alkalescent Mineral Spa

Check In



10 cars Guest no charge

Check Out



BBQ Facilities

Room Facilities

Hairdryer, Toilets"man,woman,share total 3 types, with washlet", Washstands"2 places", Library deck, Large lcd TV, Refrigurator, Microwave oven

Dining Room


 Dining room is surrounded by fun goods collected by the guest house's owner. With double height ceiling , big windows captures a lot of light of the sun .

Breakfast , tea time , your time of dinner , comfortable to enjoy .
And the night time, why don't you try the Yamanashi & Yamanakako sake ? Local of rare liquor , rare shochu , beer , sake , cocktails .
We offer a wide variety alcohol.

Living Room

プロテインバー ボードゲーム 60型大型テレビ 暖炉の火を見ながらウィスキーはいかが?

Living room with a big table of the fireplace and dark wood of bricks . Large LCD TV , there is a battle board game , you spend happily with friends .

Bath room

24時間入浴可 内鍵付き貸切家族風呂 弱アルカリミネラル人工温泉

It is a weak alkalescent mineral artificial hot spring . Bath room opens for 24 hours .

It's private family bath with internal key .

Wash stand area

広々洗面台 1Fと2Fにそれぞれございます



Washroom is located on the first floor and the second floor .


There are hairdryer and big mirror .

You can spend like a library at deck space of 2nd floor .
There are many books and comics.
If good weather, you can see the Mt.Fuji.


The rooms were building by designers . It has cute earth color designs .
There is TV , ethernet, Wi-Fi, mirror and hangers in all rooms. There is also a room with a dresser and benches 

← Twin room / up to 2 people

There is large table which can use your computer or eat some food.

JP&BR / up to 4 people →

2beds, 2hutons.

A specious room of 26㎡

← Twin room / up to 2 people

There are two large windows in the corner room.

See the tennis court from the window

Loft room / up to 4 people →

4beds in the room / Two by two on the top and bottom of the ladder

High ceiling room

← Twin room / up to 2 people

This is a corner room a little away from the other roomsYou can stay slowly without worrying around

Connected room / up to 4 people →

Twin room & twin room are connected

There are two by two beds in each

← Loft room / up to 4 people

4beds in the room / Two by two on the top and bottom of the ladder

High ceiling room

Twin room / up to 3 people→

There is a sofa bed

Up to 3 people can be staying

It is hard to scour the restaurants while traveling abroad ...

Well , would you like to eat in our guest house ?



Breakfast is eggs benedict on homemade pancakes. 
Salada, fruit and Juice included.

Because It's the highly nourishing, you can start your day in active!
Recommend it if will paddle a canoe at Lake Yamanaka or climb the Fuji mountain.

富士山麓のおいしい空気の中でやるBBQは格別!! 素材も選りすぐり♪ 山梨の幸を楽しもう!

Dinner / in summer season

Our garden is at the location of the altitude 1100m is very cool in Japan's leading summer resort! Almost no mosquito around our house, because It's cool place.So you can enjoy a comfortable BBQ !
Salad with fresh vegetables grown in local. seasonal vegetables platter. rice is all-you-can-eat.
The contents of the main meat platter, venison hunted by the house's owner included !
In addition, Koshu beef Calvi, sirloin, and local Fujisakura pork included hearty.
And would you like to drink with the BBQ ? Beer, wine, cocktail etc. are getthing ready.

Dinner / in winter   season




¥ 1,500 / per person




¥ 3,800 / per person

To see the most beautiful Fuji in year is a condition with a clear air of the winter.
After looking at the beautiful Mount Fuji, Please warm your body with our hotpot .
The soup made from deer and chicken's bones and plenty condiments.
Fresh local vegetables, mushrooms, venison, Koshu-chicken and the Fujisakura pork is served.
Drink is extra charge. Please try local rare sake " Sasaichi".


Adress: 508-687 Hirano Yamanakako-mura Minamitsuru-gun Yamanashi-ken Japan.

Tel: (+81)0555-72-9956

Phone: (+81)080-9342-2233

By car

"Toumei highway via Gotenba."
please pass through 138 line toward Lake Yamanaka and pass through the Kagosaka ridge, and reach the Asahigaoka intersection.
Guess can see the lake Yamanaka in front of you. Please turn right there, and move on 5km.
And then you can find the sign board "専修大学" on right side. Please turn right at alley of there and move on 1 km.
The road will be getting narrow steadily. There is a sign board "white river house" and " 飛遊人 (of our house name)" at tiny crossroads. Please turn right there. And please move on a little. Then you can arrive our house of right side.

By train and bus

The nearest railway station is Kawaguchiko station .

We have a shuttle for pick-up service. its fee is 5,000 yen in 1 trips.


The nearest bus terminal is Asahigaoka Yamanakako . ( Or , there are 2 bus stops near here. "hotel mount fuji mae" and "Hirano Yamanakako" )

The pick-up service fee is Free when you arrival and leave.

It may take late-night fee and high season may not be available.


If you have any question of stay, events, a job offer, etc. Please ask us with this contact form, or phone.
{ Tel }       (+81) 555-72-9956

{ Phone } (+81) 80-9342-2233


When booking, please let us know

about you would like to use or not pick-up service,   private reserved house (extra charge).
 Please write number of guests, meal, the time of arrival of your plan. 


guests who lives oversea need a credit card with booking.
 Please let us know your credit card type, number, expiration date and CVC coad   when booking.
 we just have to check the validity of your card. Therefore after booking, the settlement information of 100 yen is written to your card transaction. but it will be refunded immediately . Please be assured.


We will send a e-mail of reservation detail to e-mail adress written at a later date.
 When reservation datail reachs, your reservation is concluded.


We will wait for your contact. Thank you.


Thank you very much for reading !

NOTE to oder

Must reserve in advance of breakfast lunch and dinner.
 Please make a dinner reservation 3 days in advance. Lunch and breakfast a day in advance.


We don't accept drinks from outside at your meal table.

 if you would like to bring foodstuf of BBQ etc, please consult.
 when we find your bringingstuf, there is case to claim your corkage fee.


We provide a meal on your preferred time.
 Please let us know your preferred time when booking.
Menu varies depending on the season and supply situation.

Stay 1 night basic charge

IN 15:00~24:00  OUT 10:00

This is lowest price in the case of a full guests in the capacity of room.


If you use twin room in one person or use the quadruple room in one person or two, three people, Price each will be change.


The table of the left is a direct booking discount.

guests who lives oversea need a credit card with booking.
please let us know your credit card type, number, expiration date and CVC coad   when booking.
we just have to check the validity of your card.
Therefore after booking, the settlement information of 100 yen is written to your card transaction. but it will be refunded immediately . Please be assured.



To prevent cancellation of no show, and booking rooms of rashly, [cancellation fee will apply from the point of reservation]
We provide a plan of a reasonable price and accept 1 person guest

and accept  reservations from abroad, our guests are a wide variety.

Instead, we strictly deside a cancellation policy. Please book after you read the notes sure.

Please kindly send your payment to the following bank account within 7 days from today.


Receiving bank name:            SMBC Trust Bank Ltd.
Receiving bank address:                 Nishi-Shimbashi Square 1-3-1, Nishi-Shimbashi,Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0003, Japan
Receiving bank SWIFT (BIC) code:     SMTCJPJT
Intermediary bank name:                 Citibank Japan Ltd., Tokyo, Japan
Intermediary bank SWIFT (BIC) code:     CITIJPJT
Account number:                 92594161
Branch name:                Ginza Branch
Branch code:                022
Account holder:                RUMI OHKUBO


Bank transfer fee is not included in this amount.
Please burden this at your expense.
And Please let me know when you finished to pay.

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